How To Take The Pic

Pet Portrait Pic
Pet Portrait Pic

1. Good Lighting- outdoors in shade when sun is overhead

2. Get Eye Level!!! Sit on the floor or get your dog up on a table.

3. Have your dog sit to show a good neckline.

4. Make certain the image is still clear when you enlarge it on your phone.

-Your pets portrait needs a good pic to create.

-Have fun and enjoy the process♥

-Background doesn't matter.

Pic From Video Technique

Custom Pet Portrait
Custom Pet Portrait

Have fido sit and you get comfortable as well.

Hold your camera lense eye level with fido and start to video.

Your dog will get bored and look around a bit, thats good, because when you call the dogs name it will look right at you and you can pull out that good shot from the video.

Scroll Thru The Video And Choose

Email Pic To Kat

Pet portraits
Pet portraits

Simply email your pics to